Seller - Lanny W R.

Very Professional, I couldn't have asked for a better person to have as my agent. Christina was always available when needed; she strives to go above and beyond. She is very dedicated and enjoys her job. She has great communication and is easy to talk to. Christina sets a standard, I believe all others should look towards. If you need and want someone to work hard, to be dedicated, to have full trust in and to have pure confidence and comfort in what you want to achieve. You have found it all in Christina and have no need to look any further.

Buyer - Reeanna B

Christina was an awesome Real Estate Agent! I was completely new to this process, and was interested in purchasing a home from out of state. Christina was willing to drive out of town and stack several listing a day for me. Additionally for all of these viewings - she wasn't meeting me in person, she was meeting my sister and her family of 4 while we video called. She never once seemed bothered by that which made working with her even better. Christina was so helpful, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. When she felt something wasn't right with my lender, houses or sellers she was upfront about it and gave me her thoughts. She answered all of my questions with ease and in as many ways she needed to such that I would understand the answer. She is very kind and personable which made this stressful process a bit easier knowing she was on my side.

Buyer - Cassidy S

Cassidy gave Christina 5 stars out of 5
Christina is the best! She clearly had my best interest at heart, and recommendation to everything I needed. As a first time home buyer, she gave me the tools I needed to navigate this new journey. I would 100 percent recommend her to anyone!

Buyer - Michael L.

MICHAEL gave Christina 5 stars out of 5
Dear customers I was in the construction trade for 40 yrs so you could imagine how many real estate agents I've worked with this young lady Christine sparks is the best realtor I have ever worked with she will do what ever it takes to get you the home your looking for . She is extremely professional , polite, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable about houses very articulate everything is done with precision absolute pleasure to work .with very satisfied with Mrs sparks excellent attitude she did a outstanding job. I've never met such an intelligent woman like Mrs sparks she knows her stuff . I would highly advise giving her a call if you need a house.your pal fisherman Mike

Buyer - Duane P.

Excellent! Would highly recommend!

Buyer - Misty P.

Christina made the home buying process flawless! She was personable, professional and did her research! If I could give 10 stars, I would!

Buyer - Ben B.

Christina Sparks is amazing! She stayed in contact, followed up with everyone, and kept everything on track. There were a few times in particular where she went above and beyond to male sure inspections were completed and all parties were notified. During the search for the right property she worked out difficult scheduling in minutes and coordinated everything with slim margins of error. We will definitely be working with her again in the future.

Buyer - Lacy W.

Christina Sparks is hands down the best agent we have ever worked with! She paid attention to our wildly varying criteria, followed up on absolutely every oddball detail and loose end. She was available and responsive within 24 hrs of every contact. She knows her market and MO. In particular we appreciated her ability to handle a move from a distance using apps and technology.

Buyer - Jordan C.

Dependable and easy to speak to. I highly recommend using Christina for your real estate needs.

Buyer - Paige L.

Christina was AMAZING to work with. As a first time home buyer, I had a million questions and she went above and beyond to educate me and my decisions throughout this process. We hit a couple bumps in the road and she was quick to fight for us and ended up getting us our dream home! I cannot say enough good things, or recommend her enough.

Seller - Branden

Words I would use to descibe doing Buisness with Christina Sparks: Positive,diligent,thorough,
accurate,detailed, vision,persistent.

My wife and I interviewed 5 realtors before deciding to go with Christina Sparks. While other realtors in the area were negative and giving their personal opinion of 60-70k less than what we were wanting to sell for, Christina saw our vision and knows the Market so well that she knew we were in the right price range. Christina took awesome house pictures, found Comps, and used her amazing advertising skills to bring the buyer to us easy and effortlessly. In this particular transaction Christina kept in contact with tus, the buyers lender, inspector, engineer, appraiser, and the buyers agent (which the buyers agent basically did no things to help anybody, even their own client from what we could tell). We Sold for what we asked for in the 3 month time frame we needed and It was because we had such an amazing Agent, Christina Sparks. For those who want someone that knows what they are doing and puts in the work and doesn't take NO for an answer and knows how to talk to people that are ignorant in their own business, She IS THE Agent for you. If you want some one that just wants your money and doesn't know much about real estate,hire someone else. Thank you Christina Sparks for being such an amazing person and Agent, we are truly Blessed to have someone That knows Their business to Help Us. I know you will do well because you are passionate and knowledgeable in what you do.

Buyer - Abigail B.

Christina is AMAZING!!!! She is the most dedicated and committed realtor i have ever talked to. Right from the first conversation we had I knew she was the perfect realtor for me and my family. We were first time home buyers and she explained everything in a way that made complete sense. When we found the home we loved she immediately submitted paperwork and kept on top of the the sellers to get everything expedited quickly and efficiently. I 100% recommend Christina. In the future when we are looking for a bigger home for our expanding family we will definitely be working with her again!!! If you choose Christina you will not regret it!!! Shes a realtor that quickly becomes a friend.

Buyer - Paul D.

Very professional and good to work with, went above and beyond to find and help me purchase a house.

Buyer - Hank G

Since we were moving from out of state, we depended heavily on Christina's knowledge of the area as well as her dedication to finding our "perfect" home! She is quick to respond to questions and followed up quickly with honest answers. She spent countless hours doing video walkthroughs including drives through neighborhoods to give us a sense of its location. In this sellers market its invaluable to have someone working that hard for you! We would definitely recommend Christina for your Real Estate needs!

Buyer - Nikki B

Christina took amazing care of us. We were relocating from a different state and she made the process as painless and comfortable as possible. She looked at every property we asked, is amazing at the paperwork and cared for our needs. I couldn't give a higher recommendation. If you have the opportunity to, work with Christina!

Buyer - Artie R.

Christina was the best to work with. She was very patient with us as we searched for the perfect home. She helped guide us through some mishaps during the loan process. We would recommend her a million times over. She is the best hands down.

Seller - Cody K.

Christina Sparks is hands down the best realtor I’ve ever had a chance to work with. When it comes to real estate she knows her stuff. Any time I had a question she was always there to answer it for me. She never failed to answer her phone and she kept me up to date with updates every step of the way. We listed our house when everybody said we had missed the hot market and even then Christina went above and beyond with open houses and chasing down potential customers. We sold our house sooner than we expected and me and my wife owe it all to her. She is an amazing person and one heck of an agent. I will definitely be recommending her to everybody I know. Thanks to Christina, and Coldwell Banker, we have sold our house and are now moving on to the next chapter of our life. If you need an agent and want it to be as smooth as possible and have a great person to work with, choose Christina Sparks.

Buyer - Amber F.

Christina was the best to work with. She was very responsive to my texts and phone calls. She came prepared to every showing with all the information about the property we could need. When it looked like the property we were interested in magic to make it happen. We honestly would not be in our dream house today if it was not for her and her excellent contacts at the mortgage brokers. Speaking of contacts, she was able to get inspectors, electricians, plumbers and house cleaners to the property to inspect and take care of it immediately. If she hadn’t been able to get everything done so quickly this would not have worked out for us.

Buyer - Danielle R.

Loved working with her. She was quick at getting me in the door to start looking at homes. Very noalagble on the home buying process and was able to teach me a lot along the way. Would definitely recommend her!

Seller - Chantel

Christian helped us sell our rural Barry county hone and navigated so many weird requests from the buyers lender with EASE. She did an amazing job working with all the chaos happening for their loan, and without her help I don't think their lender would have even approved them for the loan!
Christina is professional, helpful, kind and she will fight for whatever you need while making it look easy.
If you're selling in the area, I highly recommend Christina!