Selling your home April 8, 2022

Common questions sellers have about inspections

Questions about home inspections? You’re not alone! Inspections can seem a little mysterious, so let’s break down some common questions.

1. Can I get my home inspected before I list? You sure can! If you’re not sure about the condition of your home, this can be a smart move so you can do any fixes before hitting the market.

2. What does the inspector check? The inspector will look at the structure and systems of your property e.g. roof, walls, foundation, plumbing, electrical and so on.

3. How long does the inspection take? Inspections usually take a few hours from start to finish.

4. What if the inspector finds problems with my home? Usually the buyer will come back with a list of things they want you to fix. Then you’ll work with your agent to decide what you can offer to the buyers. In some cases, big repairs will need to be done before the buyer can get financing for the home.