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Downsizing Top 5 reasons people move Top 5 reasons people move.  You might be surprised at #5.    Nobody really enjoys moving.   So when people move there’s usually a reason to go along with it.    
Home Buying Automate Your Home – The Best in Smart Home Technology You’re busier than ever–which is why it’s the perfect time to automate your home! And as a bonus: buyers love seeing smart home technology, so it can be an added selling point for your home! Here’s a few of the smart home features that buyers love: – Connected thermostat: set your temperature with nothing more […]
Home Buying Fixed Rate vs Adjustable-Rate Mortgage If you’re looking to buy a home, you’ve probably heard fixed-rate and adjustable rate thrown around a lot when it comes to mortgages. Let’s review the difference between the two! So a fixed-rate mortgage has the same interest rate every month. You know exactly what your mortgage payment is going to be for every month […]
Home Buying Can you withdraw an offer? Real estate can change in a second. And sometimes, after you’ve put an offer in on a house, you might need to withdraw that offer. But is it even possible? Well, it depends on your specific situation and when you decide to withdraw the offer. It’s easiest if you realize that you need to withdraw […]
Home Buying High Credit Score = Low(er) Interest Rate Did you know that the higher your credit score is, the lower your interest rate will be? That can mean saving thousands of dollars over the course of your loan—which you definitely want! A good credit score signals that you’re trustworthy and make your payments on time. Lenders love to see this because it means […]
Home Buying Does a home “pass” or “fail” a home inspection? A home inspection is not like a pop quiz as in there’s no pass or fail. In fact, a home inspection doesn’t give a score to a home at all. Instead, a home inspection is an examination of the property and its condition. It will give you a report on all of the systems and […]
Home Buying 4 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score If you want to buy a home soon, for the first time or the tenth time, you’ll need to take a look at your credit score. Your credit score is one of the factors a lender will look at when determining 1) if you qualify for a mortgage and 2) your interest rate on that […]
Home Buying What is a seller disclosure? Seller Disclosure are a very important document that says the seller of a single-unit residential real property must give purchasers a written notice containing their knowledge of the condition of the property and any material defects.  The seller disclosures will have information about the electrical, plumbing, crawl space & roof.  This document is completed by […]
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