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Selling your home Try this trick if you want to sell your home as-is.
Home Buying Does a home “pass” or “fail” a home inspection? A home inspection is not like a pop quiz as in there’s no pass or fail. In fact, a home inspection doesn’t give a score to a home at all. Instead, a home inspection is an examination of the property and its condition. It will give you a report on all of the systems and […]
Selling your home Should I include the appliances in the sale of my home? This is such a good question, and it’s something that a lot of sellers wonder about. Do the appliances in your home go to the buyer or should you take them? As the seller, you’re free to take anything that’s not permanently attached to the property. But buyers often expect appliances to be included–and if […]
Selling your home Common questions sellers have about inspections Questions about home inspections? You’re not alone! Inspections can seem a little mysterious, so let’s break down some common questions. 1. Can I get my home inspected before I list? You sure can! If you’re not sure about the condition of your home, this can be a smart move so you can do any fixes […]
Home Buying What is a seller disclosure? Seller Disclosure are a very important document that says the seller of a single-unit residential real property must give purchasers a written notice containing their knowledge of the condition of the property and any material defects.  The seller disclosures will have information about the electrical, plumbing, crawl space & roof.  This document is completed by […]
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