Uncategorized May 27, 2022

Questions to ask when buying a home with a pool

Spending the summer floating on your very own pool with a nice, cold drink in hand might be your idea of heaven. And if that’s you, having a pool might be at the top of your house must-have list!

But there are some important questions you need to ask whenever you tour a house with a pool:

1. What type of pool will be best? The kind of pool you want will differ depending on your needs. If you have kids, an above-ground pool might be safest, for example.

2. What safety measures do you need? Make sure you know what safety measures come with the house and what you’ll need to install afterwards.

3. What is the maintenance? Some pools are super low maintenance, while others are not. Keep in mind that the size and type of pool will have a big impact on how much time/money you spend taking care of it.

4. Will home inspectors check the pool? As a feature of the property, it’s wise to make sure the pool is in good condition before you buy. When you’re hiring an inspector, make sure to ask if they check the pool–if not, try to find a pool inspector who can check it out for you.

Pools can add a lot of value to a house and make relaxing during the summer a breeze. With these questions in your back pocket, you’ll be able to make sure you get the right house with the right pool for you!

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