Home BuyingReal Estate News & Trends September 2, 2022

Automate Your Home – The Best in Smart Home Technology

You’re busier than ever–which is why it’s the perfect time to automate your home!

And as a bonus: buyers love seeing smart home technology, so it can be an added selling point for your home!

Here’s a few of the smart home features that buyers love:

– Connected thermostat: set your temperature with nothing more than a few taps. And you can set schedules easily to save on energy.

-Smart lighting system: You can create a secure and safe entrance with motion-activated lights around your home and even hook them up to an app on your phone.

-Smart door locks: Never have to worry about leaving your keys at home when all you have to do is remember a keypad. Some door locks connect to your phone so you can unlock them while you’re away–super handy if you have kids.

-Smart garage door opener: You can set up schedules and add users easily–plus many usea belt that’s much quieter.

Adding some smart home features can make life much easier–and attract buyers when it’s time to sell.

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Source: PC Mag